Dynamic monitoring of news and social media

Keep up with the news about and mentions
of your company in the media

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Mindscan offers you a list of convenient applications working
on different operating systems


The application for analysis
  • Create your own search based on a topic of interest
  • Regular monitoring and data analysis for news and social media
  • Searching for the information based on context, objects, hashtags, authors and sources with the use of various filters
  • Automatical determinination of the tonalities of a post as a whole and of particular objects
  • Obtaining current metrics and graphs, working with search results and exporting them into various formats


The application for top management
  • Interactive screen showing the most important news
  • Giving you the up to date information on enquired topics
  • Displaying variety of statistical information
  • Discerning information bursts in the media


Mobile application
  • The most important world news on a smartphone screen
  • Accessibility of data on enquired topics - anytime, anywhere
  • Displaying variety of statistical information
  • Works on smartphones and tablets

For Developers

We offer our services to third-party developers so that they may include
our solutions to your own projects

About us

In our company we have many talented specialists possessing a wide range of skills
and having great experience in the information technology field

Our specialists will analyse your requirements and help you with choosing the optimal solution for your task shortly.
All our products are easily scaled up to meet the client's requirements, which, in turn, ensures the maximal flexibility of our system and allows our clients to use the capabilities of our system for a wide range of tasks.

Analyzed sources

Mindscan works with the data from more than 100,000 various sources including Russian and Worldwide online news media, social media, and many other sources


The flexible tariff system for our products allows you to choose the most suitable type for your need

Basic 2 weeks free
65 $/month
3 Number of monitoring

5 000 Number of publications
per month
165 $/month
8 Number of monitoring

20 000 Number of publications
per month
Professional the most popular choice
315 $/month
20 Number of monitoring

80 000 Number of publications
per month
Individually Individually Number of monitoring
Individually Number of publications
per month